Allen & Heath ZEDi-10 Compact Hybrid Mixer/USB Interface

Allen & Heath ZEDi-10 Compact Hybrid Mixer/USB Interface

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Designed to bring the signature Allen & Heath sensibility to a compact and portable frame, the ZEDi-10is a ten-channel compact mixer that doubles as a USB interface. On themixer side, you get four XLR inputs, four line inputs, two instrumentports, and two pairs of stereo line inputs. Utilize this unit's digitalcapabilities and you'll find yourself with four channels ofconversion ”analog-to-digital or vice-versa. Thus, you'll find theZEDi-10 equally suited for live-mixing in small venues and for trackinginstruments on the fly.

Should you choose use the unit as aninterface, you'll find that it comes with Cubase LE, a digital audioworkstation which enables you to record, sequence, and edit music, be itaudio or MIDI.

In the analog realm, the ZEDi-10 is crafted withpreamps modeled on the Allen & Heath GS2-R24. These channel stripsaim to provide warmth, low noise, and a vast expanse of headroom.On-board EQs also come standard with the unit. Two channels feature abutton that converts line-level signal into high-impedance jacks,meaning guitar players need not lug an extra DI box around should theywish to go direct into the board.

Turning your attention back tothe digital side of things, you'll notice that a USB switch controls therouting of your USB output, enabling you to select how you route andseparate the incoming analog signals into your DAW.

Key Features
  • USB audio interface (24-bit/96 kHz)
  • Cubase LE software included
  • Cubasis LE App included
  • 4 x mic/line Inputs with separate XLR and TRS jack sockets
  • 2x stereo inputs with TRS jack sockets
  • 2x guitar DI high-impedance inputs, eliminating the need for DI boxes
  • 4 x high-pass filters (channels 1 through 4) for cleaning up unwanted low-frequency noise
  • 3-band EQ on channels 1 through 4 enable tonal shaping
  • 60mm smooth-travel fader on main mix
  • 2 x XLR main outputs
  • 2 x RCA monitor outputs
  • 8x LED signal metering
  • 48V Phantom Power for condenser mics
  • Internal power supply
In the Box
  • Allen & Heath ZEDi-10 Compact Hybrid Mixer/USB Interface
  • Bundle of Cubase LE Software & Cubasis LE App
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty