Cort X700 Duality Light Blue Burst

Cort X700 Duality Light Blue Burst

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Key Features

Powerful, articulate, crushing tone from Seymour Duncan pickups
Exceptional dynamism thanks to custom wound electronics
Beautiful resonance and playability with ebony fretboard
Perfect for fast, accurate playing and a soaring sound

Daring, adrenaline fuelled guitar. The Cort X700 Duality will take you to a new plane of musical satisfaction when you pick it up and play it. Like a breath of fresh air, it will reinvigorate your playing with its astounding playability and unparalleled sound. With two premium Seymour Duncan pickups locked, loaded, and ready to go, you'll be firing out electrifying riffs at will as you soar through the strings at lightning speed.

It's fast. So if you like shredding, then you'll love the way this guitar responds to your playing. A maple and panga panga neck and ebony fretboard combine to make the perfect supersonic weapon for your fingers. Whether you're into metal, jazz, or anything in between, you'll be able to express yourself in style on this sleek, superior guitar.

Full Description
Soar with Seymours

Set your riffs ablaze. With Seymour Duncan SH2N and TB4 humbuckers in your arsenal, your sound will be unstoppable. Known for their raw power and fiery articulation, they'll catapult your tone to new heights as you belt through riffs. The TB4 in the bridge boasts exceptional clarity and crunch, with a high output for pure, unadulterated power. Your midrange will shine through the mix, and you'll get some scorching highs.

The SH-2N in the neck offers that full, fat, rich response which beefs up each note you play. Lead notes will sing through the mix, with tight treble and a flavoursome low end making them truly shine. Whether you're shredding, bending, or strumming, your sound will remain clear, precise, and massive. Together, these pristine, premium pickups form the backbone of your tone, responding impeccably to clean, crunchy, and high gain settings. Rise above the rest.
Powerful playing

Supersonic. You'll have no trouble flying around the fretboard on this expertly crafted machine. It has a sleek, three-piece maple and panga panga neck for the exceptional manoeuvrability and a resounding tone. The bright maple is balanced with warm panga panga for a brilliantly well-rounded resonance. Nothing will stop you from playing music in your style.

The proud ebony fretboard sits on top of the neck and it makes riffing easy. Offering an incredibly smooth surface for your fingers to dance upon, you'll find fret transitions to be fast and free. It, too, has a bright, snappy resonance, which complements the maple's tone and emphasises each note you play with vigour. Liberate your licks.
One for the road

Take it on tour in confidence. Decked with some premium hardware, you can be sure that this guitar will give the perfect performance, every time you play. It's got a high end Cort CFA-III Tremolo bridge for the ultimate tuning stability and freedom to use the whammy bar at will.

Cort Staggered locking machineheads also hold your strings in a vice grip, eliminating string slippage and keeping them perfectly in tune. Corrosion resistant stainless steel frets are durable and robust, so you can shred to your heart's content. If you find yourself playing in darkness have no fear. Luminlay side dots light up to help you navigate the fretboard in such circumstances. With all these exceptional feature at your back, you can take the X700 Duality anywhere.

Material: Flamed Maple Top On Swamp Ash Body

Neck and Fingerboard

Neck: 3pc Maple & Panga Panga
Frets: 24
Scale: 648Žœ (25.5")

Hardware and Electronics

Tuners: Cort Staggered Locking Machineheads
Bridge: Cort Cfa-Iii Tremolo
Pickups: Seymour Duncan Sh2n & Tb4 Humbucker
Electronics: 1 Volume & 1 Tone
Pickup Switch: 5 Way Toggle Switch
Hardware: Chrome


Strings: D'addario Yb Exl120