WD Premium Finished Replacement Body For Fender Jazz Bass Olympic White Alder

WD Premium Finished Replacement Body For Fender Jazz Bass Olympic White Alder

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WD Premium Finished Bass Bodies Our Premium Precision Bass and Jazz Bass replacement bodies now have accurate Fender vintage colors protected by a thin poly clear finish. The solid colors were taken from a vintage, unfaded 1958 color sample sheet and are about as accurate as you can get without having a hot tub for a time machine. These bodies are made in Eastern Europe not Asia using premium Alder and American Swamp Ash to afford you the best tone possible. Now you can recreate the look and tone you have been searching for! The Natural American Swamp Ash w/ thin clear poly finish is flat-out to die for! Nothing hides the beauty of the grain and there is no overly thick finish to suffocate the tone of this highly desirable wood selection. We have worked hard at not only selecting the color choices available but making sure that they are accurate so you can build or restore the instrument of your dreams. We will be reintroducing new colors as they become available so keep us in your favorites!

JAZZ BASS BODY OLYMPIC WHITE  SKU: WDJOW Replacement Body for Jazz Bass - Alder Body w/ Olympic White poly finish. This body is routed for standard Jazz Bass pickups. Neck mounting holes and wire channel is predrilled. No other holes are predrilled.
Additional Product InformationImportant Specs and Dimensions:

Wood Type = Alder
Finish Type = Polyurethane
Pickup Rout = Traditional 2 single coil J-Bass pickups

Neck pocket Dimensions =
depth 5/8 in. (16 mm)
length 3 7/8 in. (98.4 mm)
width 2 1/2 in. (63.5 mm)