WD Music Fender Licensed Baritone 24 Fret Neck For Stratocaster Rosewood

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This Fender Licensed Baritone conversion neck is simply the best on the market. Using a unique 28 in. scale length, these necks will convert any standard Strat into a baritone guitar w/ a low end punch that you just have to experience to believe. The necks are already finished in a super thin clear satin poly for your convenience and no modifications to your guitar are necessary. All you have to do is change the strings to a baritone set after you set up the neck. Nut not included.

  • Fingerboard Radius = 10 in.
  • Nut Width = 1 11/16 in.
  • Profile Shape = C shape
  • Fret type and count = 24 Medium frets (6150)
  • Tuner peghole size = 25/64 in. (10mm)
  • Binding = none
  • Neck Finish = Thin satin clear poly
  • Truss Rod location = Headstock
  • Skunk Stripe = none
  • Neck and Fretboard Type = maple on maple or rosewood on maple
  • Heel Type = Standard Stratocaster
  • Orientation = right handed
  • 1st Fret Thickness = 0.88 in.
  • 12th Fret Thickness = 0.95
Truss Rod Adjustment Tool (Not Included):
  • Allen Head Necks = 3.5mm
  • Straight Head Necks = Standard Straight Head Screwdriver