Kent Armstrong ST10 Wired Assembly For Strat W/ Slv10 Pickups;

Kent Armstrong ST10 Wired Assembly For Strat W/ Slv10 Pickups;

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The Kent Armstrong wired assemblies are built w/ high quality potentiometers and caps and are an upgrade to many standard production models electronics. They come w/ the pickguard material pictured as standard (white-black-white) but other WD Pickguards manufactured guards are available at a slight additional charge (please email for further info)

The following Kent Armstrong pickup(s) model SLV-10 are used in this assembly. These assemblies are completely wired, ready to install and include knobs and switch tip.

It comes loaded w/ the mini versions of the SLHC-1 Split-Tube pickup Kent designed that fit neatly into a standard Strat body rout w/ slightly modified pickup rout sizes in the guard. This assembly will install into a USA production post 1964 or post 2002 Made in Mexico Strat body w/ no modifications necessary. The middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity for hum canceling when used in combination w/ either the neck or bridge pickup.

Now, you can have the unique look and tone of mini-lipstick tubes in your Stratocaster without having to rout the body cavity. Just resolder to original ground and output connection/terminals and you are on your way!

Important Specs and Dimensions:

Pickup Types installed = SLV-10 mini lipstick tubes
Magnet Type = Alnico 5
DC Resistance = 4.7K