Animals VINTAGE VAN OVERDRIVE Overdrive Pedal

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Make your guitar tone shine more.That's why players continue to seek overdrive and continue to explore it.Vintage Van Driving Is Very Fun is an overdrive pedal that can raise the potential of your guitar sound to a higher level.A single coil creates a crisp texture, and a humbucker provides a clear attack. It 's a good overdrive sound.Playing with a good sound with a strong presence is the most important thing. Have you ever experienced a lot of new phrases when you play a guitar with good sound?Also, if the sound is good, will you not have extra power to play and have you ever made a better stage than before.If you are playing the guitar happily, it will be communicated to the audience and the play will be even more exciting.Playing with a good sound will all be a lubricant that creates a virtuous circle.That is why there may be no end to a journey that seeks good sound and continues to explore distortion.Connecting Vintage Van Driving Is Very Fun and turning it on is "improving" the sound of the guitar.The wide band is lifted firmly, and you can always make the best sound quality from clean boost to medium overdrive.It is no wonder that good overdrive is an amp-like, high-response tone. Needless to say, Vintage Van Driving Is Very Fun has similar characteristics.From the top end of the overtone component to the mid range that is the core of the guitar sound, and the low end that supports the guitar tone, the balance of all bands is well-balanced, making a high-quality but sufficiently wild tone. Then, raise the character of guitars and amplifiers to a higher level. It is one of the few pedals that can meet the extravagant demands of today's guitarists on overdrive pedals.In BOOST mode, you can push the amplifier to bring the sound forward, as well as the classic boost style, but you can also boost your favorite distortion effector or add depth to the tone of the digital amplifier.Because the pedal is absolutely good, you can get a good sound at any setting.FeaturesControl Vol : Adjusts The Overall Volume. It Also Affects The Boost Level. Tone : Controls The Tone. Adjust Mainly For High Frequencies Of Distortion And Boost. Drive : Adjusts The Strength Of Distortion. You Can Also Adjust The Distortion Strength In Boost Mode. Od / Boost Switch : In Od Mode, You Can Create Sounds From Low Gain Boost To Medium Gain Overdrive, And Boost Mode From Clean Boost To Light Overdrive.Specifications Current Consumption : 6ma Input Impedance : 1m Output Impedance : 25k