Vintage Reissued Series V6JVCAR 3 Hum cancelling WVS60, WJ07 Pin Lock, Candy Apple Red

Vintage Reissued Series V6JVCAR 3 Hum cancelling WVS60, WJ07 Pin Lock, Candy Apple Red

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After years of speculation British blues stalwart John Verity has finally teamed up with the Vintage design team to produce a modern classic electric guitar.

Fans of Verity, a renowned tone hound, will not be disappointed; the V6JVCAR has been tweaked and tuned to fit the design brief of its very particular signature artist. Featuring a one piece maple neck and Candy Apple Red finish on both body and headstock, the V6JVCAR packs a secret weapon under the scratchplate that belies its traditional appearance; Power Coil circuitry provides classic single coil articulation and detail, but with none of the hum often associated with single coil pickup guitars “ in all five pickup selections.

Whether you're searching for your first guitar or your last, every member of the Vintage ReIssued Series is a keeper. Play on.

V6JV Features:
Two piece Alder body provides resonance, tone and ˜correct weight' comfort, enhanced with correctly radiused contoured body.

The Wilkinson WV2 SB Vibrato bridge enables expression and articulation whilst maintaining excellent tuning stability and providing ultimate tone transfer.

Trio of Wilkinson WVS60 Single Coils provide a range of traditional tones, while Power Coil circuit provides hum-cancelling in all 5 pickup selections.

Single master Volume and two Tone controls with five-way pickup selector switch.

Machine heads:
Wilkinson WJ07 pin Lok machine heads provide simple, effective action for maximum tuning stability.

Hard rock Maple with classic Vintage ˜soft C' profile for instant comfort, speed, accuracy and great feel.

Traditional 10" radius fingerboard provides positive feel and superior playability.

22 Medium profile frets add to comfort, accuracy and overall positive feel of the Vintage V6JVCAR.

43mm Graphite nut, smooth and friction free.

Classic Vintage headstock design for balance and visual appeal.

The V6JV John Verity Signature guitar is an original Vintage ReIssued Series„¢ guitar created by , John Verity and the UK Vintage design team.