Koch Tone Series Twintone III Head TTIII50-H Special Order

Koch Tone Series Twintone III Head TTIII50-H Special Order

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Koch Twintone III Head Overview

The Twintone mark III has been restyledand has also been partly redesigned and improved. Naturally, the bestfeatures of the Twintone I and II have stayed. Its compact size andrelative light weight, disguise the power, versatility and ease of usethis amplifier has to offer.

Two EL34 Power Tubes supply 50 watts ofpower which can be used to drive any of the Koch extension speakers.The Twintone III has five speaker jacks for connecting 4, 8, and 16 Ohmspeaker cabinets. The superb sounding ˜Clean' channel has not beenchanged in this new version and will give you the same wonderful warmand crystal clear clean sounds you are used to. The Overdrive channel,however, has been re-voiced. The crunch and lead channels will give you amore complex and richer gain structure without losing its definitionand depth. With these two channels you can go from a pristine cleansound, through exciting ˜crunch' tones, up to saturated overdrive withinfinite sustain.

The ˜Bright Clean' guitar input trimsthe mids somewhat for humbucking pickups, and makes sure the pure toneof the Twintone III is available for all types of guitar pickups. Alsonew are the two separate foot-switchable Master Volumes on the frontpanel: Rhythm and Solo Volume. The Presence control has been relocatedfrom the Overdrive channel to the poweramp section. This creates a moreauthentic sparkle when turned open, and it now operates on both theClean and Overdrive channel.

The long tank spring reverb has a levelcontrol on the back panel for just the right amount of effect.Naturally, the amp still has its recording output of which the filterhas been improved. The output now offers true speaker- emulation forgreat authentic recording of your favorite guitar sound.

  • 50W All-tube amplifier
  • 4 x 12AX7 pre-amp tubes
  • 2 x EL34 power-tubes
  • Normal & Bright Clean inputs
  • Three foot-switchable channels: Clean, Crunch, and Lead
  • Seperate passive bass-mid-treble tone controls for both channels
  • Two Masters (Solo/Rhythm)
  • providing two controllable volume levels for all channels and settings
  • Presence on master section
  • Classic long-scale model reverb with level adjust and foot switchable
  • Parallel and/or Serial effects loops
  • Recording output (improved filter for true speaker emulation)
  • 4-way footswitch included
  • Dimensions 53cm L x 28cm W x 28cm H