TC Helicon VOICETONE X1 Single-Button Stompbox for Dramatic Megaphone & Distorti

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The TC Helicon VOICETONE X1 is a distortion effects pedal for vocalists to use on stage. Megaphone, phone, and amplifier-emulated distortion are the main flavors you can achieve with a VOICETONE X1. These can be driven and filtered to your exact predilections thanks to the simple controls offered.The Phone/Distortion/Amp knob lets you choose among eight different effects. The Drive knob lets you dictate the amount of distortion present at the output, and the Filter knob adjusts the frequency band of the distorted effect. Tap the footswitch to add distortion to a phrase, a verse, or a whole song.The pedal sports a clean, low-noise mic preamp that ensures a clear sound on stage. Use the XLR input and output to pass signal through the pedal. A USB port allows for firmware updates. A power supply is included.Key Features at a Glance Stompbox with megaphone and distortion filter effects for vocalists on stage 8 types of styles including phone, distortion, and amp preset categories Filter and drive controls let you customize the sound to suit your performance 3-knob control offers easy operation Low-noise mic preamp for pristine vocals On/off footswitch for quick performance control Allows chaining to other VOICETONE single vocal processors or DITTO MIC LOOPER to expand creative possibilities Compatible with remote Mic Control using the TC Helicon MP-75 microphone Rugged, roadworthy construction Power supply included