TASCAM TM-AR1 Acoustic Control Microphone Filter, TM-AR1

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When using a microphone to record, the sound source generates two types of sound. One is called direct sound which enters the microphone directly from the source, and the other is called reflected sound which the sound it has been boucing off the walls, ceiling and back into the microphone. Generally, the reflected sound can sound very different from home and the acutal recording studio, despite the recording equipment and settings. In most cases, the reflected sound at home does not sound very good because the room is not built for recording. The sophisticated acoustic design creates better reflected sound which makes the recordings sound good in the standard recording studio.

It is very difficult to create a good home recording environment w/right sound reflection. If the acoustic reflection does not resonnace well, the recordings may not sound as clean and clear, and may be an intereferance to your mix epecially it is difficult to shape your sound w/reverb and delay. In these years, w/the increased popularity of DAWs being used for editing w/effects, it is more important than ever to record w/a good sound quality in the beginning. When room acoustics does not sound good in the room, then the dry sound will be the essential solution for your home recording environment.

The TM-AR1 Acoustic Control Filter does not only absorb the reflected sound but also isolates the reflections away from the microphone. By installing this tool, the microphone picks up only the direct sound w/great frequncy response, which enables your mixes and editings to be done w/ease. It is particularly effective when used for recording vocal, wind instrument, acoustic guitar or any other instrument individually.