Ampeg SVT-3 Pro 450-Watt Rackmount Bass Amp Head

Ampeg SVT-3 Pro 450-Watt Rackmount Bass Amp Head

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Can't Make Up Your Mind? Try This Ampeg Bass Head
Boasting hybrid tube and solid-state operation with incredibly deep tone-sculpting controls, Ampeg's SVT-3PRO bass amplifier head may be an easy choice for players who have a hard time deciding on a tone they like best.

Intuitive, Deep Controls
There's no shortage of tone adjustments a bassist can make on the SVT-3PRO. Starting with the traditional gain, treble, middle, and bass knobs, this head offers a bright switch for instant boost or reduction in treble. A five-way frequency knob gives you five different center frequencies for the midrange control, further expanding the amp's tonal vocabulary. Finally, the amp's 9-band EQ ensures that even the most finicky of tone enthusiasts will find the ideal sound for any situation.

Switch Between Decades of Sounds
The head's tube gain knob controls how much voltage is driven into the tubes. With the knob tuned completely down, the tubes receive 100 volts, making for a compressed tone reminiscent of classic all-tube bass amps. Cranked all the way to the right, the amp delivers 300 volts to the tubes, making for a faster sonic response more akin to modern solid-state amps.

Quality Sound Starts with Quality Components
The SVT-3PRO is built for professionals seeking the ideal hybrid experience and sound. With a multi-tube preamp consisting of three 12AX7 tubes plus an additional 12AX7 and 12AU7 for added power and a power section driven by a solid state MOSFET transistor, it has a solid foundation to start from.

Ampeg also included Neutrik speakON outputs for improved conductivity with speakers. A mute switch is accessible by the front panel or footswitch and makes changing between instruments a seamless, pop-free operation. Variable speed fans adjust to the temperature, making for efficient and effective maintenance.

- 450-watt hybrid amp head
- Three 12AX7 preamp tubes plus additional 12AX7 and 12 AU7 driver tubes
- Gain, treble, middle, and bass controls
- Five-way frequency switch adjusts center frequency of midrange
- Nine-band graphic EQ
- Bright switch
- Ultra high/low boosts
- Neutrik speakON output, two speaker outputs, one XLR, one TRS, and one preamp output
- Footswitch compatibility
- Effects loop

The Ampeg SVT-3PRO: a perfect blend of tube character and solid-state power.