Cort Sunset Series SUNSET TC WWB Electric Guitar, Worn White Blonde Finish

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The Sunset TC is a unique hybrid design that incorporates the look and features of two types of iconic solidbody electric guitars. The combination of bridge pickup with single-coil neck pickup produces a wealth of classic sounds ideal for classic rock, blues, country, pop, and funk, making it a simple but versatile instrument for the roots-oriented player.


Ash is one of the most popular and widely-used woods for solid-body electric guitars and basses. It is light weight but has a surprisingly strong, tight and punchy sound with emphasis on the high-midrange. This character makes Ash a beloved tonewood of discriminating guitarists who want a strong fundamental tone that will cut through and be heard clearly in the mix. The natural beauty of Ash with its distinctive grain patterns make it ideal for transparent and natural finishes.


The distressed finish looks cool and gives off an authentic vintage vibe.


To get that authentic T-style twang and P90-style bark, the Duncan Designed P90-1 and TE103B pickups are installed for a myriad of sounds ideal for roots-oriented musical genres and styles. The TE103B features a stacked coil design for hum-free operation even with raging overdrive sounds.