CAD Microphone Pack 7Pcs 3Xd29, 2Xc9, 1Xd19, 1Xd10

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The CAD Stage 7 Drum Microphone Pack is an affordable 7-piece drum microphone package well suited for performing, rehearsing and project recording. The Stage 7 consists of the D10 dynamic kick drum microphone, 3x D29 tom microphones, a D19 snare drum mic and 2x C9 overhead microphones. All the microphones include mounting hardware and a vinyl carrying case for transport and storage. CAD Stage7Transducer D10, D29 & D19: Moving Coil DynamicC9: CondenserPolar Pattern D10, D29 & C9: CardioidD19: SupercardioidFrequency Response D29: 90Hz to 13kHzD10: 30Hz to 12kHzD19: 90Hz to 14kHzC9: 40Hz to 13kHzSensitivity D29: -53dBV (2.2mV) @ 1 PaD10: -66dBV (0.5mV) @ 1 PaD19: -56dBV (1.6mV) @ 1 PaC9: -41dBV (8.9mV) @ 1 PaImpedance D29: 560 ohmsD10: 60 ohmsD19: 300 ohmsC9: 230 ohmsFilter C9: Hi-pass 200Hz, 6dB/octPad C9: 10dBPower C9: P12, P24, P48, 11mA(P48)Packaging InfoPackage Weight 4.45 lbBox Dimensions (LxWxH) 13.5 x 10.9 x 4.2"