Koch Tone Series Studiotone XL Head ST40-H Special Order

Koch Tone Series Studiotone XL Head ST40-H Special Order

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Koch Studiotone Xl Head Overview

At first glance, you would be forgiven if you dismissed the Koch Studiotone XL as just another Tube amp.

?In classic Koch tradition, however,this compact 40W all-tube Head sounds much bigger, and has more featuresthan one would suspect.

Beginning with four EL84 power tubes inClass A, a newly designed speaker and cabinet, three foot switchablechannels, and two powerful voicing switches, the Koch Studiotone XLsound brings to mind the British valve amps of the 60s. The threechannels (Clean, Overdrive & Overdrive+, all with their own volumecontrol) take you from round warm tones to saturated EL84 overdrive& compression. The 2-way ˜Mid Shift' allows you to boost the midfrequencies around 800 Hz and the 3-way ˜Bright' switch allows you tocut or boost the high frequencies for fine-tuning the top end. Some ofthe big surprises are left for the back panel though, and a quickinspection reveals a serial effects loop, a recording output withmicrophone placement and cabinet style simulators, two line outputs (oneunfiltered and one low level) and a ˜Headphone Out' jack. Speakeroutputs at 4, 8, and 16 Ohm allow for any combination of speakers andthe built in Power Soak snd Speaker on/off switch allow the amp to beplayed with the speaker turned off for recording or headphone use. Thereis also a short scale spring reverb tank, with front mounted leveladjustment. We believe the Koch Studiotone is one of the most versatileand compact guitar amplifiers on the market today.

  • 4 xEL84 Tubes
  • 2 x 12AX7 pre-amp tubes
  • 1 x 12AX7LM pre-amp tube
  • 3 channels (clean, overdrive & overdrive boost)
  • foot-switchable and all with their own volume control
  • One set of passive bass-mid-treble tone controls
  • Two front-panel voicing switches (mid-shift 2 way, bright 3 way) for all channels
  • 4, 8, & 16 Ohm speaker outputs plus speaker on/off switch
  • Serial effects loop (10 dBV signal level)
  • Recording output with speaker simulation and 2 voicing filters
  • Direct outputs (non-filtered, clean channel & headphone)
  • Short scale three spring reverb tank
  • 2 way footswitch included
  • Dimensions 50 cm w x 28 cm d x 47 cm h