Telex Soundmate SM-2 Personal Listening System - J

Telex Soundmate SM-2 Personal Listening System - J

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The Telex Soundmate SM-2 is a portable, battery operated, VHF wireless personal monitoring system, notable for it's ease of operation and light weight of the principal components, clarity of sound, and a 300' operating range.

The Soundmate SM-2 system consists of the ST-300 transmitter, which operates on one of 17 selectable frequencies, 4 single-channel, fixed frequency SR-50 portable receivers, with 4 companion SEB-1 earbuds.

The SM-2 is designed as a low cost alternative solution for bus and museum tours, house of worship or theatrical assistive listening applications, and conferencing situations involving multi-client, multi-user translation needs.

Low-cost, portable wireless personal monitoring/assistive listening system for churches, museum tours, conferencing, and educational applications 300' operating range Single channel, fixed frequency operation for receivers, 17 selectable frequencies available for transmitter Backlit LCD for transmitter E.D.R.(Enhanced Dynamic Range)compander circuitry for transmitter; clearer, more consistent output Lightweight, discreet mono earphones Convenient "AA" battery operation with extended 30 hr. battery life for receiver UPC: 701001023035 In the Box
  • Telex SM-2 - Personal Listening System - J
  • ST-300 Transmitter
  • Telescoping Antenna
  • 4 x SR-50 Portable Single Channel Receivers
  • 4 x SEB-1 Earphones
  • Soundmate Wall Plaque
  • Owner's Manuals for SR-50, ST-300
  • 3 Year Warranty