Breedlove Solo Concertina CE Red cedar-Ovangkol

Breedlove Solo Concertina CE Red cedar-Ovangkol

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The Solo Concertina E Red Cedar – Ovangkol is Breedlove’s smallerbody acoustic-electric guitar with a warm and rich sound that emanatesfrom the solid red cedar top and ovangkol back and sides. The smallerConcertina body shape was engineered for a light play style with cleanand powerful projection from a small body guitar that is a joy to holdand play. The Side Monitor Soundhole virtually puts you in the audiencewhile you play, without diminishing the forward sound projection of yourmusic. This feature is especially useful when playing with a group ofmusicians. With a 12-fret to body design, this guitar is ideal for theplayer looking for a more nuanced sound with more tonal complexity, andcomfortable playing experience. Featuring the reliable and greatsounding LR Baggs EAS electronic system, it can also be plugged in foramplification. You will sound better, play better, and play more on aBreedlove Solo Series acoustic-electric guitar.

Gigbag Sold Separately.

Side Sound Hole

The unique Side Monitor Soundhole that virtually puts your ears inthe audience while you play. Hearing every nuance of yourinstrument—whether you’re writing, rehearsing or performing—gives you asonic perspective that will bring out the best in your playing.


Breedlove guitar necks feature a slimmer neck profile, which enablescomfortable play, even with smaller hands. The hand-rubbed, semi-glossBreedlove neck finish also contributes to ideal playability. Thelabor-intensive finish process includes precise finish coatapplications, fine sanding, and hand buffing and rubbing.


Breedlove players around the world can attest: With consistent,proper care, your Breedlove will give you a lifetime of service – andinspiration. New Breedlove instruments, purchased through an authorizedBreedlove dealer, are warrantied to be free of defects in materials andworkmanship throughout the lifetime of the original owner. In additionto materials and workmanship, Breedlove offers a two-year warranty ontuning machines and electronics packages. Cases and bags are subject to aone-year warranty covering defects in structure and hardware.


Breedlove’s distinctive small body guitar delivers a surprisinglyclear, crisp sound, and its short scale 12-fret design makes it a joy toplay. Extensive Custom Shop engineering and experimentation hasresulted in a modern shape that has a bigger sound and a morecomfortable profile than a traditional parlor model.


From enormous West African trees, ovangkol echoes East Indianrosewood in many ways, while being more sustainable. It, too, has acompelling visual beauty, with natural black highlights streakingthrough complex, interwoven brown figures. And it sounds like it looks,sharing the wide tonal spectrum of rosewood, with its deep bass andarticulate treble, but with added midrange fullness. A remarkable wood.


Softer than spruce, with a warmer cast to its look and its tone,western red cedar has less headroom for a heavy attack, but comesalive—with sweet harmonics and a wide tonal palette—for a lighter touch.Related to mahogany, it shares a focused sound, much loved byfingerstylists.


Breedlove’s pinless Delta bridge is a distinctive element, alright,with a sleek, modern contour that adds an extra bit of unexpected beautyto every instrument, from Discovery to Legacy. But it also adds welcomefunctionality while anchoring great sound. Beginners love the fact thatstring changes are much easier without having to wrestle a traditionalpin bridge. Pros love it for the same reason! No more looking for lostpins during a fast backstage string swap. And its low profile makes forperfect right hand damping.

Breedlove Solo Series Concertina CE Hollow Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar Ebony/Red Cedar Natural Gloss - SLCA01CERCOV Features:
  • Body Type:Concertina
  • Neck Wood:Mahogany (Nato)
  • Solid Wood Top:Western Red cedar
  • Solid Wood Back & Sides:Ovangkol
  • Back and Sides:Ovangkol/ Guibourtia ehie/ Gabon
  • Top Finish:Natural gloss
  • Back & Side Finish:Natural gloss
  • Fretboard:Indonesian Striped ebony
  • # Frets:18
  • Nut Width:1.69”
  • Tuners Hardware:Chrome Closed Gear
  • Lower Bout Width:14.75"
  • Waist Width:8.64"
  • Upper Bout Width:10.828"
  • Body Length:19.08"
  • Body Depth:3.75"
  • String Gauge:D'Addario EXP 16
  • Pickup:LR Baggs EAS
  • Bridge:Indonesian Striped ebony
  • Binding:Tortoise
  • Inlay:Offset dots
  • Case:N/A
  • Scale Length:24.75”
  • Sound Hole:3.85”