Samson Audio Stage 212 Frequency-Agile, Dual-Channel Handheld VHF Wireless Syste

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Samson's Stage 212 is a frequency-agile, dual-channel wireless microphone system that provides two handheld dynamic microphones that transmit to a single rugged metal receiver. Each handheld features Samson's Q6 mic element, providing crisp, clear sound and reliable VHF wireless performance for karaoke, live presentation, education, house of worship and other applications where two mics are more agile than one.

Features include:

¢ 12 operating channels across 173MHz-198MHz frequency range

¢ IR sync wirelessly matches receiver and transmitter frequency

¢ Dedicated Volume controls for each channel

¢ 1/4" outputs for sending each channel to mixer

¢ Balanced XLR Mix output combines both receiver signals to a single output channel

¢ Two handheld transmitters w/Q6 dynamic microphone capsules

¢ Transmitters offer up to 12 hours of battery life, 200' operating range