Samson Audio DE60x Mic Unidirectional Headset Microphone w/Miniature Condenser C

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The Samson DE60x is a low-profile, unidirectional headset microphone w/a miniature condenser mic capsule. It provides outstanding audio reproduction, as well as a comfortable and discreet design, that's perfect for a variety of live and broadcast vocal applications. And w/four adapter cables included, the DE60x can be used w/most popular wireless systems.

With a unidirectional pickup pattern, the DE60x's 7.35mm miniature mic capsule captures stunning audio from directly in front of the mic while rejecting sound from the rear and minimizing feedback. The DE60x features a low-profile, double ear headset design w/an easily adjustable frame and mic boom. This allows for a secure and comfortable fit, as well as optimal mic placement, for any user.

The DE60x comes w/four detachable microphone cables w/1/8" (3.5mm), Hirose 4-Pin, Switchcraft TA3F and Switchcraft TA4F adapters respectively. This makes the DE60x well suited for use w/Samson wireless systems (TA3F), as well as most other popular wireless systems. The DE60x is also bundled w/four windscreens for reducing wind noise and P-pops, a collar clip for unobtrusive wire placement and a protective carry case.

The DE60x features a gold-plated connector, moisture-resistant coating and stainless steel mesh grille, all contributing to an IP65 rating for being dust and water/sweat-resistant. This makes the headset ideal for fitness instructors and active performers.

Features include:

• Headset microphone w/7.35mm miniature condenser mic capsule

• Low-profile, double ear design w/adjustable frame and mic boom

• Ideal for live and broadcast vocal applications, presentations, houses of worship, theaters, fitness and more

• Unidirectional (cardioid) pickup pattern

• 50Hz-18kHz frequency response

• Gold-plated connector, moisture-resistant coating and stainless steel mesh grille

• Dust and water/sweat-resistant rated at IP65

• Includes four detachable adapter cables (1/8" [3.5mm], Hirose 4-Pin, Switchcraft TA3F, Switchcraft TA4F) for compatibility w/most popular wireless transmitters

• Four windscreens, collar clip and protective carry case included