Animals ROVER FUZZ Fuzz Pedal Designed by Skreddy Pedals

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Wide range of emotional expression from old sounds, severe distortion to clean. Legendary guitarists have used fuzz pedals well, especially in classic rocks and blues, an indispensable effect. On the other hand, there may be an impression that strong distortion is harsh and does not come out when combined with a band, and the sound is too old to be used. You may think that this is a difficult effect that you can't bring out potential unless you are a top-class player, and you may think that you have to be a vintage pedal or a high-end handmade pedal to get a "real" fuzz sound. MaybeAnimals Pedal Rover Fuzz overturns the difficult-to-use, advanced-use image of the fuzz effect. A sweet and generous tone unique to high-quality fuzz that is indispensable for classic rock and blues leads. Playing chords adds color to rock and roll phrases with sharp distortion. Play with outstanding presence without being buried in the band. With Rover Fuzz, you can reach such a play.Rover Fuzz is a fuzz pedal produced by a builder who knows fuzz sound and designed the circuit and carefully selected the parts to be used there. It is not a pedal that just follows the old circuit. The band sound of the present era has a higher sound pressure than the old era.While the classic fuzz has the taste and sound, it is tuned to the current sound and system, so you can create a classic tone without a sense of incompatibility with the pedals of the current era. For players who want a deeper sound, there is a Wool control. With this control, you can adjust the tone of various classic fuzz.Rover Fuzz covers everything from fuzz like a sound wall, thick distortion, hot overdrive, and clean like a bell. Rover Fuzz solves such a luxury problem. Based on classic tone bender style fuzz sound, you can control the expression with guitar volume control and picking touch. Regardless of the setting, it can be returned to clean.From stretchy sustain to crisp tones, Rover Fuzz can cover classic fuzz sounds in one. The key to the sound is the Wool control. Use this knob to create many classic fuzz tones, from tight, hot, crisp distortion to thick brick wall-like fuzz sounds. Rover Fuzz isn't as disgusting as a vintage pedal. Like a standard distortion pedal, it can be used in combination with a buffered signal or wah pedal.Regardless of the outdoors, season, basics, humidity, etc., you can always make a vintage fuzz tone stably. This is a magical fuzz pedal that can always take out the various sounds of high-quality old school fuzz.The Rover Fuzz uses a true bypass footswitch and is powered by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC9V adapter.FeaturesControl Attack : Adjusts fuzz distortion and sharpness. Wool : Adjusts the density and thickness of the sound without changing the basic tone. Level : Adjusts the volume.