Remo Tubano 12" Key Tuned Kintekloth

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  • Easy to Play and Maintain
  • Strong Acousticon Shell
  • Not Very Heavy
  • Tunable Head with Drum Key
  • Nuskyn Type 2 Mondo Head
  • Weather-Resistant
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    Remo Tubano Drums are just the thing for a class full of children! Easy to play and simple to maintain, this 12" x 27" drum will enhance any music classroom with pleasant, warm tones and a very colorful design.

    The pitch of the head can be raised or lowered by tightening the tension rods

    Tension Rods These pull the counterhoop (metal rim) of the drum toward the shell, with the head sandwiched in between. This adjusts the tuning of the drum. They're most often tuned using some kind of drum key, but not always. with a standard drum key.

    A Nuskyn Type 2 Mondo head sits atop the drum, providing you with earthy sounds in any kind of humidity. This head is very durable.