Ray Ross Saddle-Less 4 String Bass Bridge Black

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Ray Ross Saddle-Less 4 String Bass Bridge

Introducingthe new Ray Ross ž ¢ Bass Bridge, a retrofitting bridge that represents arevolutionary approach to the standard stringed instrument bridgedesign. Rather than utilizing a traditional saddle to provide a stringbreak, the Ray Ross ž ¢ features a tone pin that keeps the stringcompletely straight from the bridge to the nut; this concept removes the"kink" from the string, providing increased vibrational energy throughthe strings and into the body of the instrument. This feature allowsmaximum transference to the instrument so you can get the most of thebass itself, not solely the color of the bridge. Comprised of solidnaval brass, the residual tone you do get from the bridge is articulate,resonant, and full-bodied.

On a standard bridge, downward force applied to the instrument fromthe string is restricted due to the saddles providing relief between thestring and body. The Ray Ross ž ¢ negates this concept and applies nearly100% of the string tension downward allowing the string to resonatefreely, giving the cleanest possible path from your fingertips to yourears.

Height adjustments are done via a lateral action adjustment wheelthat raises and lowers the tone pin and retains full connection from thestring to the bridge plate. An intonation lateral adjustment wheelallows for painless macro and micro adjustments while also preventingthe saddle from moving over time.

The Ray Ross ž ¢ Bass Bridge gives ultimate mounting flexibility withseven screw holes to choose from including the spacing of Fender's5-hole design, making it a perfect retrofit for the multitude of Jazzand P-Bass style instruments on the market. A 2.25 inch (57 millimeter)string spacing matches many standard bridges.


  • (1) Ray Ross Bridge
  • (7) Mounting wood screws
  • (1) Adjustment rod
  • (1) Lifetime of tonal bliss