Quik-Lok WS650 Multi-Purpose Heavy-Duty T-Stand (Black), New, Free Shipping

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The black WS650 Multi-Purpose Heavy-Duty T-Stand from QuikLok is designed for large live mixers ranging from 30.0 to 60.0" (76.2 to 152.4cm) in width and is capable of holding heavy keyboards safely and securely. It can also be used for speaker cabinets with width ranging from 30.0 to 48.0" (76.2 to 121.9cm). This stand is also suitable for holding DJ coffins, CD rack systems, CD / record cases, and rack cases.

The spring-loaded security knob enables you to achieve 8 different height adjustment positions. This stand can be folded down to a T-shape for easy transport by swinging the legs backwards. You have to just pull the knob and set to the desired height and then release and fasten to hold it in place. Also, tilt-angle adjustments can be made by raising the back legs. Furthermore, the stand features rubber rest pads that lend added support to hold equipment firmly in place.

  • Height Positions 8 Positions: 24.25 to 32.50" (61.59 to 82.55 cm)
  • Width Usable width range: 29.2 to 46.4" (74.1 to 117.8 cm)
  • Usable Depth 17.3 to 27.4" (43.9 to 69.5 cm)
  • Folded Dimensions Width: 29.2" (74.1 cm)
  • Height: 24.6" (62.4 cm)
  • Frame Frame Tubing Size: 1.1" (30.0 mm)
  • Weight Capacity 250.0 lb (113.3 kg)
  • Weight 18.0 lb (8.1 kg)