Quik-Lok USA Y Style Keyboard Stand

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Key Features
  • Y-Shaped Single-Tier Foldable Keyboard Stand
  • Adjustable Capabilities
  • Foldable Base & Tiers
  • Holds Up To 99 Kg

Boasting foldable base and tiers, the QLY40 is a keyboard stand with the convenience of ease of transport and it can hold up to 99kg of weight.
The QLY40 is a Y-shaped single-tier keyboard stand, which can hold up to 99kg of weight. The stand is fully adjustable and with foldable base and tiers for easy carrying and transport.

For extra options for your set up, why not connect the QLY42 Second Tier ?

(Note: The second picture is as an example. The keyboard, laptop and extra laptop stands are not included.)

    Base Depth: 44 cm
    Base Width: 91.5 cm
    6 Height Positions: 73 to 94 cm
    7 Width Adjustments: 65 to 90cm
    Tube Diameter: 30mm
    Size of the Uprights: 35x35 mm
    Dimensions when closed: 84 x 24x 15 cm
    Maximum Load: 99 Kg
    Weight: 9.3 Kg
    Colour: Black