Quik-Lok USA Dbl Tier Dbl Brace Keybrd Std

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Key Features
  • Quiklok QL-742 2 Tier Keyboard Stand
  • Fully Adjustable
  • User-Friendly
  • Holds The Heaviest Keyboards
  • Can Be Customised With Accessories
The QL-742 heavy duty, double braced X keyboard stand with height, tilt, angle and depth adjustable second tier is the hands down choice of a multitude of professional musicians because of its adjustability, strength and reliability.
The QL-742 ProSeries Stand features an innovative locking disc system, with super heavy duty 30 mm x 30 mm steel tube bracing for extra sturdiness and structural support.

The second tier set is fully adjustable in height, angle, tilt and depth, and offers the musician maximum flexibility of use. The "Pro Series" stands are capable of holding the heaviest keyboards safely and securely.

The QL-742 keyboard stand can also be customised with accessories to fit your specific needs perfectly.


    Leg depth: 24'' - 61 cm
    Main Tier depth: 17.2" - 43,5 cm
    Second Tier depth: 16.5" - 42 cm
    Second Tier angles: 90degree, 77degree, 64degree, 51degree
    Height positions (3): 26.4", 30.3", 34.3" - 67, 77, 87 cm
    2nd tiers height position (5): From 5.7" to 8.8" - 14,5 to 22,5 cm *(measured from main tiers level)
    Folded height: 39.8" - 101 cm
    Overall Weight capacity: 200 lb - 90 kg
    2nd tier weight capacity: 75 lb - 33.7 kg
    Weight: 20.7 lb - 9.3 kg
    Brace tube size: 30 x 30 mm
    Main tier tube size: 30 mm
    Color: Black