Suzuki Qchord Digital Songcard Guitar

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Range: 4 octaves " General MIDI voices: 109 " Chord: 36 soft-touch buttons, 84 chord combinations (major, minor, 7th) " Buttons: major 7th, minor 7th, augmented, and diminished " Rhythm: rock, country, dance, lounge, new age, waltz, ballad, march, bossanova, and blues shuffleIf you love music, now you can become a member of the band quickly and easily w/ the Suzuki QChord, an exciting digital audio instrument that strums like a guitar, plays melody like a keyboard, plays chords like a piano/accordion, and has over 100 MIDI voices and rhythms onboard. Anyone-musician or not can sound like a pro at the touch of a button. You can't make a mistake! And like a video game, QChord has multiple skill levels. Learn to play in seconds, then add features as you get better. Play up to 84 different chord combinations, 100 instrument voices and fully orches trated rhythms using the LCD display, all assignable to 4 octave strumplate or melody keyboard. A pitch bend wheel adds expression. Press EZ play for chords and strumplate only. Dial in sustain, volume levels, rhythms and voices to customize every song. High tech speaker design w/ bass port provides exceptional sound quality.Features:Accompaniment: 4 channels (drums, bass, chord, and chord plus) w/ individually adjustable controlsEffects: reverb, chorus, vibrato (all w/ adjustable depth control), and pitch bendQCard: optional song cards w/ lyric, chord, and melody booksVariable controls: master volume, strum plate volume, strum plate sustain, rhythm, tempo, bass volume, chord volume, chord plus volume, reverb depth control, chorus depth control, vibrato depth control, pitch bend wheel, transpose, tuning, octave shiftButton controls: power, demo, strum plate voice select, rhythm style select, rhythm fill, rhythm intro/end, start/stop, QCard play, QCard pause, QCard searchOther functions: rhythm fill, rhythm intro/end, pitch bend wheel, MIDI I/O, transpose, octave shiftDisplay: 2-digit LCD, 2-LED Light Bar, 12 LEDsPower output: 7 wattsSpeakers: 5" oval speaker, bass portsJacks: A/C Power In, 1/4" line out/headphone, MIDI in, MIDI outPower requirements: 12V DC, 8 "C" batteries