Paoletti Signature Series,John Norum Strat DiMarzio, New, Free Shipping

Paoletti Signature Series,John Norum Strat DiMarzio, New, Free Shipping

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Paoletti Guitars was first established in 2005 as a natural progression of Fabrizio Paoletti's guitar luthier and amp tech activities. Inspired by the many shapes of the most iconic guitars in Rock history, Paoletti Guitars started handcrafting guitars using 130/150 year old chestnut woods, sourced from the Paoletti Family's Chianti wine barrel reserve. It was soon realised that the old wine barrel wood gave the instruments a unique and impressive sonic character. It was then that Paoletti knew they were onto something special!

Based in Tuscany, Italy, each guitar is handcrafted on site from start to finish.

This is the John Norum Signature Model and it's absolutely stunning.
Features We Love:
Century Old Tonewoods

Crafted from family owned wine barrels, the 130-150 year old chestnut gives this guitar a fantastically unique tone. An interesting choice of tonewood, this instrument really has it's own voice and texture to it's sound. It is also believed by many that older woods give guitars a better sound. As the wood ages it becomes lighter and more resonant allowing the vibrations from the strings to ring throughout the body effortlessly.

Every guitar from Paoletti is handcrafted from start to finish on site in Italy. This ensures that every detail of these instruments has been carefully considered and crafted to the highest standard, delivering a great guitar that's built to last.
John Norum Signature

Norum's fiery guitar playing can be heard all over his decade spanning career with Europe, and as a successful solo artist in his own right.

His Paoletti signature has all the versatility, classic looks and vintage tone that is needed for any musical venture.

  •     The 130-150 year old chestnut body gives this guitar a great sound
  •     Handcrafted in Italy, every detail has been made to exceptional standards
  •     John Norum's signature model built to his specs and details

What's Included:

  •     John Norum Signature Model
  •     Hard Case

  • Body   130-150 Year Old Chestnut
  • Neck   Maple
  • Fingerboard   Teak or Pau Ferro
  • Scale   648mm
  • Radius   12"
  • Frets   22
  • Nut   Bone
  • Pickups   DiMarzio FS-1 Set
  • Controls   5 Way Switch, Tone Bridge, Tone Neck, Volume
  • Bridge   Gotoh Vintage Style 6 Screw Tremolo
  • Tuners   Kluson