Koch Tone Series Powertone III 100W Head PTIII100-H Special Order

Koch Tone Series Powertone III 100W Head PTIII100-H Special Order

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Koch Powertone III Head Overview

The Powertone III is the successor ofour Powertone I and II amps. Our Powertone amplifiers have always beenpopular among heavy rock & metal guitar players from all over theworld. While developing the Powertone III we wanted to preserve the bestfeatures of its predecessors, and improve on the original design. Weadded several new features, such as a Drive control on the Cleanchannel, an OTS circuit, Depth and Presence controls, switchable dualMaster volume controls, two serial or parallel FX loops which can bebypassed, and remote MIDI control of all switchable functions.

The Powertone III is available in 100Watts version. Depending on the output power, the power section featureseither two or four EL34 Power tubes. In order to accommodate a Kochspeaker cabinet or any other extension cabinet, the back panel of thePowertone III features five speaker output jacks for connecting 4, 8, or16 Ohm speaker cabinets.

Channel 1 offers a wide variety ofsounds from sparkling cleans with tons of headroom, all the way tomoderately overdriven sounds. With the added Drive control, Channel-1offers a greater variety of tones while preserving the wonderfully  warmand crystal clear tone of the Powertone I and II.

The ˜Distortion' channel (Channel 2)has been re-voiced to a unique American-style character. The high-gainand ultrahigh-gain tones will now give you a tighter, more complex andharmonically rich sound with lots of definition, depth and of coursetons of power.

Another new feature on the PowertoneIII is the OTS circuit. The OTS circuit is a little tube amp that can beoverdriven to create real power amp distortion at any volume level.With the OTS Drive control you can add a great sounding tube saturationto both Channel 1 & 2, while the OTS Volume control allows you toboost (or cut) your volume. The OTS circuit should be considered as anon-board effect unit which you can turn-on or bypass with thefootswitch.

With these two channels and OTS circuityou can create any sound you have Always dreamed of. From pristineclean tones all the way to exciting high-gain tones with infinitesustain, the Powertone III will amaze you.

The Powertone-III also features twoseparate switchable Master Volumes. With the footswitch you can switchfrom Rhythm to Solo volume, giving you more power to make sure yoursolos will always be heard.

In order to create a more authenticsparkle, and to allow the Presence control to operate on both the Cleanand the Gain channels, we've relocated the Presence control to the poweramp section. In addition to that, the new Depth control gives you anincredible boost in the low end. The two effects loops on the back paneloffer you the possibility to connect your effects unit in series orparallel. Both loops can be bypassed with an FS2 footswitch or a MIDIswitcher. The other functions: Channel 1 & 2, Gain Boost, OTSon/off, Master I and II can all be switched by the included FS4Footswitch. All these functions can also be accessed by a MIDI switchervia two separate jack inputs to allow maximum flexibility when e.g.integrating the amp in a rack system.

For both Live and Recording situationswe've included a Recording/PA direct output on the back panel of theamp. The Recording/PA output offers you a Speaker-emulated sound comingfrom a microphone placed in front of your speaker cabinet.

  • Available as 100W All-tube amplifier
  • 4 x 12AX7 pre-amp tubes
  • 2 x (50W) or 4 x (100W) EL34 power-tubes
  • Three foot-switchable channels: Clean, Crunch, and Lead
  • 3 band EQ on both Channel 1 and Channel 2
  • OTS Function (output tube saturation)
  • Two foot-switchable Master volumes (Solo/Rhythm)
  • providing two controllable volume levels for all channels and settings
  • Depth control on master section
  • Presence control on master section
  • 2 x Parallel and/or Series effects loops
  • Recording output (improved filter for true speaker-emulation)
  • 4-way footswitch included
  • MIDI controllable
  • ?Dimensions 71cm L x 27,5cm W x 27,5cm H