Protection Racket Nut Case Series N1800-11 Drum Case, Set of 4 Pieces

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The Nutcase Series from Protection Racket have been revamped, redesigned from the ground up with the gigging drummer in mind. The exterior of the cases is made from an extremely durable, abrasive resistant outer fabric which will not stretch or shrink, whatever the conditions. The interior of the case is lined with a 210-denier nylon interior, designed to prevent rips and tears. The lining of the case is fitted with a highly impact-resistant 20mm foam core barrier. This foam is designed to absorb the energy that's created when something impacts the case, so that none can pass through and damage your drum. The cases are finished with heavy duty brushed steel zippers and ergo-dynamic carry handles that are comfortable and hard-wearing. With an extremely lightweight design, the Protection Racket Nutcase Drum Case Set is the perfect way to ensure protection when storing or transporting your drum kit.

Egg Shaped Snare & Tom Cases
All of the Protection Racket Nutcase snare and tom cases feature an egg shaped design. This shape gives additional space for fittings on your drums. For example, toms that are fitted with suspended or isolation mounting systems will fit in the case with ease. Another example is the snare mechanism or snare strainer, which will fit without worry.

About Protection Racket
Protection Racket began in 1994 making surfboard and windsurf board bags which still circulate today. The designs of the bags and cases are similar to the ones they create today, apart from some minor refinements. Incredible durability, silicone badges and tags, waterproof backings and comfortable handles, all designed to make your gigs and travels easier.

Protection Racket aim to provide musicians with high quality transport bags and cases that combine effortless transportation and functionality with ensured protection in any situation. Their musical instrument cases are designed, developed and road tested by gigging musicians who appreciate exactly what's required from an instrument case. These cases offer virtually weightless transportation and are effortless to use, with maximum protection always. At the end of a gig, you don't need to mess about with lids, buckles and straps.

  • Bass Drum Case: 24'' x 18''
  • Rack Tom Case: 12'' x 9''
  • Floor Tom Case: 16'' x 16''
  • Snare Drum Case: 14'' x 6.5''
  • Durable, abrasive resistant fabric exterior
  • Highly impact-resistant 20mm foam core
  • Tear & rip resistant 210-denier nylon interior lining
  • Fitted with durable ergo-dynamic carry handles
  • Built for the gigging & touring musician