Fishman PRO-REP-104 PowerTap Earth - Body Sensor with Soundhole Pickup - !

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As part of the new Fishman Acoustic PowerTap series, the PowerTapEarth pickup system combines the easy installation, superiorperformance, and warm, transparent sound of our Rare Earth Humbucker,with a totally new soundboard body sensor. The result is a new world ofpercussive performance elements and tactile dynamics for guitarists ofall styles. With the addition of Tap pickup technology, players can addnew performance dynamics of Touch, Ambience and Percussion.

The easily adjustable Blend control mixes the Rare Earth and Tapsignals in mono, or run both signals into separate channels using astereo cable. This feature allows players to add separate effects, levelcontrol, and EQ to each pickup independently “ to create a strikingsoundscape of tones from a single instrument.

  • The new Fishman Tap body sensor pickup captures percussive elements and natural dynamics without the risk of feedback
  • Warm and full humbucking sound from the Rare Earth pickup
  • Tap pickup Blend control module is discreetly mounted on soundhole pickup
  • Active electronics and neodymium magnet structure for exceptional string balance and clarity
  • Stereo/mono output capability built in (option is easily and automatically determined by cable choice)
  • Miniature batteries (included) offer long life
  • Professional installation strongly recommended
  • Installation : Fits soundholes as small as 3 5/8 (92 mm) diameter. Pre-wired output jack can also be endpin mounted
  • Body Sensor Pickup:
  • Pickup dimensions 2.54 (64.4 mm) width by .68 (17.3mm) height
  • Controls : Tap/Pickup Blend Control
  • Battery : Two 1.5-Volt silver oxide or one 3-Volt lithium