Fishman PRO-MAN-PT1 PowerTap Infinity - Body Sensor with Undersaddle Pickup Narrow - !

Fishman PRO-MAN-PT1 PowerTap Infinity - Body Sensor with Undersaddle Pickup Narrow - !

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The PowerTap Infinity pickup system, from the new Fishman AcousticPowerTap series, combines the superior performance and tone of ourMatrix Infinity undersaddle pickup system, with a totally new soundboardbody sensor. The result is a new world of percussive performanceelements and tactile dynamics for guitarists of all styles.

With the addition of Tap pickup technology, players can add newperformance dynamics of Touch, Ambience and Percussion. The easilyadjustable Blend control mixes the Rare Earth and Tap signals in mono,or run both signals into separate channels using a stereo cable. Thisfeature allows players to add separate effects, level control, and EQ toeach pickup independently “ to create a striking soundscape of tonesfrom a single instrument.

A redesigned, sealed enclosure for the soundholemounted Volume andTone control module allows players to effortlessly make adjustments totheir sound. The preamp's voicing switch has been relocated and madeeasily accessible so players can accommodate different types of guitars,amplification choices, playing styles and performance situations.

  • The new Fishman Tap body sensor pickup captures percussive elements and natural dynamics without the risk of feedback
  • The world's best-selling undersaddle pickup, the Acoustic Matrix
  • Endpin jack mounted preamp in a newly designed soft touch housing
  • Redesigned, sealed enclosure for soundhole mounted Volume & Tone controls
  • Unique scoop Tone control cuts mids while boosting treble and bass
  • Tap pickup Blend control module is discreetly mounted inside treble side of soundhole
  • Accessible voicing switch accommodates all guitar body sizes and performance situations
  • Stereo/mono output capability built in (option is easily and automatically determined by cable choice)
  • Integrated LED low battery indicator located on Blend control module
  • Mounting hardware and chrome strap button (gold available “ sold separately)
  • Solderless connections for easy installation
  • Undersaddle Matrix pickup is available in wide, narrow, split saddle and other formats.
  • Custom lengths available (special order)
  • Professional installation strongly recommended

Powertap Infinity

  • PRO-MAN-PT1 “ Narrow Format
  • 3/32 (2.3mm) width
  • Undersaddle Pickup : Standard pickup length of 2.65 (67.3 mm) will fit most guitars with 2.5 (63.5 mm) string spacings
  • Body Sensor Pickup : Pickup dimensions 2.54 (64.4 mm) width by .68 (17.3mm) height
  • Battery : 9-volt