Fishman PRO-MAN-ELA Ellipse Aura with narrow format pickup

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Tailor the sound of your acoustic guitar with the Ellipse Aura Undersaddle Pickup from Fishman. Combining the sparkling, transparent sound of the Matrix undersaddle pickup with the power of an onboard preamp featuring Aura Acoustic Imaging Technology, the Ellipse Aura accurately replicates the sound of your instrument and enables you to blend Aura acoustic images into your pickup's signal. Up to four images can be loaded from the included Aura Image Gallery software onto the soundhole-mounted preamp. The preamp's controls are placed right at the inner edge of your guitar's soundhole, letting you comfortably adjust your sound while playing.The onboard preamp's main controls are a pickup/image blend slider, a volume slider, a phase knob, an automatic anti-feedback switch, an image switch, and a voicing switch. The blend slider lets you tune the balance of pickup and Aura image sound in your mix, while the phase switch helps improve bass response at low volumes and suppress feedback at high volumes. With the anti-feedback switch you engage and disengage an automatic search-and-destroy notch filter, with the image switch you select one of the four uploaded images, and with the voicing switch you choose between boosted bass and flat response.The narrow-format 3/32"-wide pickup has a standard pickup length of 2.65", and fits most guitars with a 2.5" string spacing. It accommodates most round soundholes with diameters between 3.8" and 4.1". The Ellipse Matrix Blend runs on a single 9V battery and allows for up to 33 hours of playing time between battery changes. An LED light indicates when the battery is running low.Switchable low-frequency tone-shaping built into preampNeodymium magnetic mounting system for easy, solder-free installationSolder-free connectionsUPC: 605609106308In the Box Fishman Ellipse Aura Undersaddle Pickup (Narrow Format) Aura Image Gallery Software Limited 1-Year Warranty