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Designed for acoustic guitars electronically abetted by onboard pickups, the Fishman Aura Spectrum DI Preamp doesn't just carry your instrument's sound to the house ”it also provides a DSP engine which can impart the sonic characteristics of a studio-miked guitar to your DI sound, offering 24-bit AD/DA architecture and 32-bit internal signal processing for this purpose. Indeed, you can select among 128 preloaded images on the device itself, and always download more user instruments from Fishman's online database and load them onto the pedal via USB. To blend these image sounds with your normal DI sound, simply twist the Blend knob to taste. In addition to stage uses, the Aura Spectrum can be used in the studio to restore a sense of miked tone to DI acoustic guitars.In addition to this technology, the Aura Spectrum DI also gives you controls for input trim and output volume, as well as a three-band EQ section (switchable between your DI signal and global settings), a one-knob compressor, a built-in tuner, and a set of automatically adjusting anti-feedback notch filters to clean up unwanted resonances onstage.Connections are made possible via a 1/4" input and 1/4" output jacks, and an XLR output ”automatically ground-lifted when used with the 1/4" jack ”takes balanced signal straight to the house, PA, mixer, or other apposite device. Should you wish to use an FX loop with this pedal, this desire can be achieved by means of a single TRS jack, which allows you to implement an FX loop in your chain. The unit accepts a 9V battery or can run off an optional power supply.Key Features at a Glance Aura Acoustic Imaging technology 128 pre-loaded Images for restoring a miked sound to DI acoustic instruments Instrument preamp with balanced XLR DI output Volume, Blend, and Image Select controls 3-band EQ One-knob compressor Automatic anti-feedback with up to 3 notches Built-in chromatic tuner with bypass/mute 16 user-configurable Image locations via Select knob USB interface for image downloading from Aura Image Gallery (software included) Feedback-fighting Phase switch Automatic D.I. ground liftImages ExplainedAura Acoustic Imaging Technology uses digital algorithms developed in Fishman's audio laboratories to impart a sound to acoustic instruments that models the characteristics of using a microphone to capture your instrument in the studio. This Image, when recorded direct or played through an amp, mixer or PA, blends with your instrument's pickup to produce a more realistic, less DI sound. Please note, these images do not work as well with soundboard-mounted pickups, bridge-plate pickups, multi-sensor pickups, or external microphones, as these processes can interfere with the Aura processing.Types of Acoustic Guitars Modeled Herein Dreadnought Orchestra Concert Jumbo Nylon 12 string Bluegrass 16 rewriteable user images3-Band EQThe unit is supplied with a three-band EQ, effecting bass, midrange, and treble frequencies. As a default, the tone controls effect the sound of the pickup signal only, allowing you to further refine the sound of your instrument without excessive alterations to the chosen image. A Global EQ mode may also be selected, applying the same EQ settings to both the pickup and image path simultaneously.Anti-Feedback FootswitchIn addition to the phase switch, this footswitch can help you control feedback during a performance. Aura Spectrum's automatic anti-feedback filter can apply up to three separate notch filters-precise tone controls that reduce only a small piece of the audio band. When activated, the filter determines where the offending resonances are and only attenuates those frequencies.Onboard TunerThis digital chromatic tuner operable via the footswitch accommodates all standard and alternate tunings. It's factory calibrated to A=440 Hz. Please note that pressing both the anti-feedback and tuner footswitches bypasses the unit completely.Other Controls ExplainedVolume: The volume control affects the overall output level coming from both the 1/4 and the XLR DI outputs. For the cleanest signal, set the volume as high as possible without clipping the next device in the signal chain. If you hear distortion and the clip/batt light is not flashing, reduce the volume.Select knob and slider: The select knob allows you to choose among the 16 images available for each of the eight different image banks. Move the select slider to choose a bank of images that best match the style of instrument you're playing, then select through the 16 images to find the ones that sound best. Try all 16 within each bank and adjust the blend knob to obtain more or less character.Blend: This knob allows you to blend your direct signal with your selected image. Position the blend knob straight-up at 12 o'clock and you'll hear a 50/50 mix of image and your pickup's sound. Turn the blend all the way right for just image, and all the way left for just pickup. Most performers blend in some pickup with the image for clarity and definition.Compressor: The compressor control adjusts several settings within an automatic leveling circuit. As you turn this knob clockwise, your overall playing dynamics become increasingly limited, making softer notes louder and controlling loud spikes in your playing. This can be helpful in performances where you desire a more even level to your playing. At its maximum setting, there may be some overall increase in the output level.UPC: 605609106797In the Box Fishman Aura Spectrum DI Preamp Limited 1-Year Warranty