Fishman Fluence Signature Series Greg Koch Gristle-Tone Pickup Set For Fender Telecaster

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Known for doing things to a guitar that the roughest ranch hand wouldn't do to a farm animal, the moniker Gristleman comes from the term pounding the gristle which refers to the act of engaging in fierce musical congress.

For me the dream Multi-Voice scenario is to be able to instantly summon the perfect White-Guard and Black-Guard tones w/ flawless articulation and no hum. And that's exactly what Fishman has done for me in my signature set. The voices in my head are now in my guitar '" well, 4 of them anyway!

Each Fishman Fluence pickup has two distinct and useful sounds on-board. These sounds start w/ the revolutionary Fluence Core, the heart of Fluence tone. From this Fluence Core we then create the classic timbres and tone '" colors you expect from great guitar pickups '" as well as some you've never expected.

  • White-Guard. Open and airy, the sound of Nashville and Bakersfield, chicken pickin', and the big strum.
  • Black-Guard. Fat & punch, searing sustain. Undeniable Tele muscle.
Knobs and switch tips not included.