Fishman PRF-CSB-DT2

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Each Fishman Fluence pickup has two distinct and useful sounds on-board. These sounds start w/ the revolutionary Fluence Core, the heart of Fluence tone. From this Fluence Core we then create the classic timbres and tone テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎ ' テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎナ。"テ「ぎヲテぃ colors you expect from great guitar pickups テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎ ' テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎナ。"テ「ぎヲテぃ as well as some you テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎ ' テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎナ。"テ「ぎヲテぃ テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎナ。"テ「ぎヲテだ ve never expected.

テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎ ' テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎナ。"テ「ぎヲテぃ テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎナ。テえ"Transcendence is the name of my new album and it テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎ ' テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎナ。"テ「ぎヲテぃ テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎナ。"テ「ぎヲテだ s also the thematic inspiration for my signature pickups. The goal was to merge two opposite ends of the sonic spectrum into one product and I テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎ ' テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎナ。"テ「ぎヲテぃ テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎナ。"テ「ぎヲテだ m proud to say we have strongly achieved that. テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎ ' テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎナ。"テ「ぎヲテぃ テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎナ。テけ テち テた

  • 1 bridge pickup and 1 neck pickup
  • All components required to achieve Devin テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎ ' テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎナ。"テ「ぎヲテぃ テ「ぎ┐テ「ぎナ。"テ「ぎヲテだ s wiring scheme (minus pickup selector).
  • Volume and Tone pots
  • Push-pull Voice Selector pot for use in Volume or Tone position
  • All cables reuired for installation
  • Option to choose single coil or double coil/humbucking modes
  • Additional access to a humbucking version of Voice 2 is available via push-pull