Fishman PRF-CS7-KM2 Fluence Signature Series Keith Merrow 7-String Pickup Set, Black

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KeithMerrow is a visionary guitarist for the new world. With hiscredibility, passion, and a keen ear for the nuances that make thedifference between good and great sound, Keith knows what he wants from apickup, and how he wants it to feel under his fingers. As a passive pickup player,Keith has become accustomed to the bold way that a passive pickupresponds to the initial pick attack. This, when combined with Fluence'sup-front dynamics and extended frequency response allowed Keith tofinally voice a pickup free of the limitations of traditional pickupdesigns.When combined with the Classic Open Core neck pickup, Keith's custombridge pickup delivers an incredibly versatile range of tones for themodern guitarist.

VOICE 1:Vintage P.A.F. ? The ideal, elusive vintage P.A.F. neck tone with the dynamics and output level you want.VOICE 2:Clear, airy chime ? A Fluence-exclusive neck tone, with unreal highs, vocal midrange, and tight lows.VOICE 3:Single Coil “ Punchy single coil with glassy top.PEAK FREQUENCY:Voice 1: 2.6 kHz / Voice 2: 4.5 kHz, 350 Hz / Voice 3: 5 kHzMAGNETIC MATERIAL:Alnico VMAGNETIC CIRCUIT:Bar magnets with bladesGAUSS STRENGTH:187 Gauss strength at stringOUTPUT IMPEDANCE:2 kCURRENT DRAW2.1 mA