Fishman PRF-BS4-NW1 Fluence Bass, 4 String, Soapbar, Single, White Plastic - !

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Fluence Core TechThis smart technology allows a single bass pickup to project contrasting sounds, all while remaining untethered from your other pickup. A multi-voice architecture means they remain free of unwanted noise and hum too. This is sometimes a common feature with other wire-wound pickups. Built-in bass and treble controls ensure you can tweak your tone further and find your ideal sound.Voice VariationA bunch of different voicing's were created to provide you with enough tones to cover a multitude of styles. Voice 1 (passive) is well-rounded, fat and classic; voice 2 (active) boasts both full dynamics and frequency; voice 2 (active with mid-contour) is perfect for funk, featuring scooped hi-fi sound; single coil mode includes the same previous voices, but contains a jazz string window.Features White finish. Built for 4-string bass. Single Soapbar pickup. Includes all elements needed for a Fluence Bass wiring setup. 3-way mini toggle switch allows for simple voice selection. Push-poll pot made for volume/coil split. Dual concentric 2-band EQ for your treble and bass.