WD Music Pre-Drilled Paddle Headstock 22 Fret Neck For Fender Telecaster 22 Fret Neck Pocket Maple

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These blank headstock necks have been redesigned to have the angled side cut w/ the 6 tuning machine holes pre-drilled to make shaping your own headstock as simple as possible saving you, the builder valuable time in production. This neck shares heel specs common to USA Fender Telecaster specs and will function as a drop in replacement that you can shape yourself or build your own instrument w/ a custom headstock! Available w/ maple, rosewood or ebony fretboards.
  • Fingerboard Radius = 12 in.
  • Nut Width = 1 11/16 in.
  • Profile Shape = Modern C
  • Fret type and count = 6150 Medium - 22 frets
  • Tuner peghole size = 21/64 in. (8.8mm)
  • Binding = none
  • Neck Finish = unfinished
  • Truss Rod location = headstock
  • Skunk Stripe = none
  • Neck and Fretboard Type = maple on maple, ebony on maple, rosewood on maple, or pau ferro on maple
  • Heel Type = Standard Telecaster
  • Orientation = right hand
  • 1st Fret Thickness = 0.86 in.
  • 12th Fret Thickness = 0.91 in.
Truss Rod Adjustment Tool (Not Included):
  • Allen Head Necks = 3.5mm
  • Straight Head Necks = Standard Straight Head Screwdriver