Dream Cymbals Pang China - 20"

Dream Cymbals Pang China - 20"

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Key Features

    Combines The Elements Of A China, Ride & Swish
    Creates A Truly Individual Sound
    Features A Unique Inverted Bell
    Produces A Fast Crash
    Adds A New Sound Palette

The Dream Cymbal Pang Chinese Style 20' combines the elements of a ride, china and swish to produce one stand-out cymbal. The design is unique and features an inverted and sightly flattened bell. The 20" Pang is incredibly responsive and creates a fast, punchy crash. The cymbal is capable of creating a whole new palette of sounds which will enhance any drummer's kit. The stick sound is clear and cutting with the wash being quick, raw and explosive. All these features come together to produce a truly individual sound.

Neither a china, ride or a swish, the Pan cymbal combines elements of all of these to create a whole new colour in cymbals sounds. The unique inverted bell combined with the radical shape creates an extremely fast crash with a sound palette that is entirely new.

    Surface: Lathed, Standard Knife
    Bow: Double Flange
    Bell: Shallow, Inverted & Slightly Flattened
    Weight: Medium
    Hammering: Deep Hammered Hot And Cold
    Stick: Very clear, Cutting Projection
    Wash: Explosive, Fast, Loud, Raw