AKG P120 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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Key Features Cardioid Side-Address Microphone 0.66" Gold-Sputtered Diaphragm Switchable 20 dB Pad Switchable Low-Cut Filter at 300 HzThe black P120 from AKG is a side-address condenser microphone with a cardioid pattern designed to capture vocals, acoustic guitars, percussion, and amplified instruments in project studios, home recordings and live situations. The low-mass 0.66" gold-sputtered diaphragm delivers a clear sound with accurate details, and it is capable of handling sound-pressure levels up to 150 dB without introducing perceptible distortion.A switchable low-cut filter at 300 Hz helps reduce rumble or wind noise, and a switchable 20 dB pad enables distortion-free recording of very loud sound sources associated with proximity miking.The all-metal body improves rejection of RF interference so you can use the microphone near transmitter stations and along with wireless microphones.The P120 is built to resist high temperatures and humidity. The rugged body and sturdy front grille protect it from tough handling. Side-address microphone with cardioid pattern and gold-sputtered diaphragm to prevent shorting to the back electrode at high sound-pressure levels Capable of handling sound-pressure levels up to 150 dB with no apparent distortion Switchable low-cut filter at 300 Hz and switchable 20 dB pad All-metal body for rejection of RF interference Sturdy front grille protects microphone from tough handling Built to resist high temperatures and humidity UPC: 885038037033