Gold Tone OT-800LN Longneck Tubaphone Openback Banjo w/case

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The Old Tone OT-800LN is based one of the most sought-after banjos of the "classic" period (1890 to 1930) when the Boston School of banjo making was the highest expression of the art. The pot sports a pre-WW II-style Tubaphone tone ring, which adds pleasing overtones via a square-section brass tube mated to a solid brass rod, all encased in a turned brass sleeve. This all sits snugly on an eleven-inch maple rim equipped w/ dual coordinator rods (for easy action adjustment) and is topped w/ a Remo Renaissance head carrying a maple and ebony bridge. A No Knot tailpiece anchors the strings. The authentic bracket-band carries the bracket shoes without the need to drill holes in the rim, increasing the OT-800's power and sustain. The extended maple neck has a bound ebony fretboard inlayed in engraved vintage style, and has a scoop at the pot for the hardcore clawhammer player.
Openback Long Neck Banjo|GT Master Planetary Tuners|Tubaphone-Style Tone Ring|1/2" Maple Tubaphone-Style Bracket Band Rim|Old-Time Inlay|Includes Hardshell Case