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<article class="content_sF4U0te87jYBdVZ2QLY5G"><div><div class="" data-selenium="overviewLongDescription"><div class="js-injected-html"><p>The <strong>Opera Unica 15 1800W 15" 2-Way Active Speaker</strong> by <strong>dB Technologies</strong>
is designed for professional live sound reinforcement applications. It
features a RDNet capable, Class-D DIGIPRO G3 amp module with 1800W of
peak power, a&nbsp;15" neodymium woofer, and an asymmetrical horn, which
combine to deliver a frequency response of&nbsp;61 Hz to 20 kHz with a peak
SPL output of&nbsp;133 dB.&nbsp;</p><p>It offers networkable capability via an
Aurora Net control software (available as a free download at dB
Technologies' website), via the integrated RDNet ports allowing EQ,
delay, and processing customization and real-time monitoring of the PA
system in use.&nbsp;Furthermore, the sound processing features linear-phase
FIR filters, which allow a linear response, resulting in an intelligible
audio performance from the listeners' position.</p></div></div></div><div class=""><div class=""><div><div class=""><h2 class="h2_2rws9renUitYEzmey3mjuE">Connections &amp; Controls</h2><div class="description_dROY_Wl-Y_I8SrM9_Ji7q"><div class="js-injected-html"><ul><li>Balanced XLR input with input sensitivity control for a mic (dynamic) or line source</li><li>Balanced XLR output Link to connect to additional speakers or an audio input source</li><li>The speaker provides status LED indicators</li><li>A DSP preset rotary switch with a reference table for each preset</li><li>It offers RDNet Data to send and receive information via Ethernet</li><li>The USB connection is used for data service&nbsp;</li><li>The mains input and Link use powerCON cables to link additional monitors&nbsp;&nbsp;</li><li>Provides fuse for Mains to protect the speaker from surges</li></ul></div></div></div></div><div><div class=""><h2 class="h2_2rws9renUitYEzmey3mjuE">DSP Presets</h2><div class="description_dROY_Wl-Y_I8SrM9_Ji7q"><div class="js-injected-html"><ul><li>S1: Playback, for tracks (like MP3 reproduction)</li><li>S2: Bass boost, with a low-frequencies enhancement</li><li>S3: Vocal enhance, for optimizing in vocal and singing performances</li><li>H1: HPF 90 Hz - Applies a high-pass filter with 90 Hz cutoff frequency, for a little bass reduction</li><li>H2: HPF 120 Hz - Applies a high-pass filter with 120 Hz cutoff frequency, for a strong bass reduction</li><li>W1: Wedge, designed for reproduction in monitoring (wedge) use</li><li>FLAT: Designed for coherent source reproduction</li></ul></div></div></div></div><div><div class=""><h2 class="h2_2rws9renUitYEzmey3mjuE">For Installation</h2><div class="description_dROY_Wl-Y_I8SrM9_Ji7q"><div class="js-injected-html">Equipped
with a tilted side for wedge positioning, a 1-3/8" pole mount for a
tripod speaker stand, and handles, which allow an easy displacement. You
can also use a wall bracket (sold separately) for permanent
installation, and for truss mounting.</div></div></div></div></div></div></article><div><div class="included_w6g5Ks34VAHMzAA4D9xsM"><h4 class="heading_3gzsEBpu-kk4FZlhCTVYjn" data-selenium="includesInTheBoxTitle">In the Box</h4><ul class="list_2PrPlGzuLkf0X14N_bDWx-" data-selenium="includesInTheBoxList"><li class="item_3MQbEPC9w5I28P90MidSHO" data-selenium="includesInTheBoxItem">dB Technologies Opera Unica 15 1800W 15" 2-Way Active Speaker</li><li class="item_3MQbEPC9w5I28P90MidSHO" data-selenium="includesInTheBoxItem">Power Cable</li><li class="item_3MQbEPC9w5I28P90MidSHO" data-selenium="includesInTheBoxItem">Limited 3-Year Warranty</li></ul></div></div>