NS Design NXT4a Violin - Black

NS Design NXT4a Violin - Black

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The NXTa Electric Violin Series,with the new active output electronics, includes 4 and 5 stringviolins and fretted violins, all embodying physical elegance, tremendousease of play, and amazing tone. Crafted to exacting standards in theCzech Republic, this series sets a high standard for performance andversatility in any setting.

Good ergonomics, including light weight, are critical performancefactors for any electric violin. With their familiar left handlandmarks, including the removable reference bout, NXTa seriesinstruments are remarkably easy to play. Starting at just 585 grams,they set the pace as some of the lightest electrics on the market.


Using set screws, the rock-maple bridge can be readily adjusted tothe desired action height ”high and powerful, low and fast, or anywherein between.

A contoured ebony chin rest is standard. The optional is also available for players wanting a more extensive range of position adjustments for further customized fit and comfort.

The standard is highly adjustable, and whose base can be readily formed to fit thechest and shoulder perfectly. The NXTa also accepts NS Design'srevolutionary , which secures it effortlessly in optimal playing position.

built into the bottom of the body allows quick, easy and preciseadjustment, exceptional pitch stability, and easy string changes.

At the heart of the NXTa is the ,whose piezo components convert string vibration directly to signaloutput. This provides a balanced, tonally rich output, offering a widerange of expressive opportunities. Arco and Pizzicato have significantlydifferent vibration characteristics, and the Polar Pickup faithfullycaptures both.

Dual Mode Output - The new dual mode signal outputelectronics of the NXTa takes the convenience, versatility andperformance capability of the NXT to another level.

Active Mode - Using ,connect the NXTa to any AC outlet for 60 seconds. This will fuel thecapacitor-powered active circuit for 16 hours from the time of thecharge. The instrument can then be plugged straight into any low or highimpedance device, no direct box necessary. Since there is no signalloss over the full frequency spectrum of the instrument, thefundamentals of every note remain clear and strong, even with extra-longcables.

Passive Mode - The NXTa can be played in this modewith an amplifier with an impedance of 1 meg ohm or greater (3-10 megohm recommended) or with a direct box. (This mode provides performancecapabilities identical to the original NXT.)

Eco-Friendly Operation - NXTa instruments are battery-free, eliminating the hassle and cost of batteries while helping protect our environment.


LENGTH: 540 MM (21.25")

WIDTH: 110 MM (4 5/16")

THICKNESS: 65 MM (2 9/16")

4 string: 585g
5 string: 610g

SCALE LENGTH: 330 MM (13")

BODY/NECK: Solid, straight grain maple, with maple face (Satin Black model) or flame maple face (Sunburst model) on body.

BODY REFERENCE BOUT: Black-dyed maple bout on treble side provides standard violin reference. Easily removable for unrestricted neck access.

FINGERBOARD: Hand-graduated, asymmetric relief. NXTa violins are also available with fretted fingerboards.

BRIDGE: Black-dyed maple, height adjustable via screws on back of body.

STRINGS: are standard.  Compatible with solid and stranded core violin strings.  Synthetic core strings are not recommended.

PRECISION TUNING HARDWARE: Fine tuners are mountedon the body behind the bridge for precise, stable tuning. Automaticstring clamping allows for quick, easy string changes.

PICKUP: The Polar directional piezo pickup systemresponds selectively to either lateral string vibration (for dynamicbowing) or vertical string vibration (for remarkably even and sustainedplucked/pizzicato sound, like a mandolin). A switch allows the player tochoose the desired response.

ELECTRONICS & CONTROLS: Rotary volume control,with push-pull selection between Active and Passive output mode; Tonecontrol (treble roll off); Arco/Pizzicato toggle switch.


SHOULDER AND CHIN REST OPTIONS: The is a standard with the NXTa Violin and can be formed by the player tofit the body perfectly.  As an option, the violin can also attach to NSDesign's revolutionary , which floats the instrument in the desired playing position without being clamped between the jaw and the shoulder.

The contoured ebony chin rest supplied with the instrument isdesigned to work comfortably in tandem with the Custom Shoulder Rest.The optional is also available for players wanting a more extensive range of position adjustments for more customized fit and comfort.


NS VIOLIN CASE: Customized for the NS Violin, thisstandard hardshell case with handle and shoulder strap includes separatecompartments for shoulder rest, charger and accessories, a bowcompartment and exterior zipper pouch.  Made with durable Cordurafabric, 3.2 kg (7 lb) loaded weight.

(optional): Aluminum edged plywood. Outside Dimensions: 88 cm (34.5?)long; 28 cm (11.5?) wide; 20 cm (7.75?) high. Inside Dimensions (fromfoam edge to foam edge) : 32.25? long; 9.95? wide; 5.5? height(including top cover recess).  Loaded weight is approximately 13 kg (30lbs.).