Mooer TDL1 Twin Series Reecho Pro Digital Delay Pedal, New, Free Shipping

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  • 6 Delay Effects
  • 3 Additional Effects
  • 20 Second Loop Recorder w/ Overdub
  • Utilizes Floating-Point DSP Chips
  • True Bypass or Buffered Bypass Switch
  • Controls for Dry, Wet, Low Cut, High Cut
  • Controls for Time and Feedback
  • Rugged Solid-Metal Enclosure

The Twin Series Reecho Pro from Mooer is a powerful, compact digital delay pedal w/ six delay effects, five delay modes, and an integrated 20 second looper w/ unlimited overdub limits. The Reecho Pro uses floating-point DSP chips to ensure there is no tone loss. The pedal is capable of generating clean digital delays to out-of-this-world psychedelic delays, well suited for any musical style.

The pedal features dedicated controls for dry, wet, high cut, low cut, delay time, and feedback. The two large knobs offer selections for six delay types and five delay modes. A dedicated button engages a ping-pong function, while a switch allows for the trail-on/off function, which toggles between true bypass and buffered bypass modes. The pedal also features a save and recall function for one favorite delay and effect setting. The Reecho Pro pedal is powered by an optional 9 VDC power supply.
  • High performance floating-point DSP chip ensures no tone loss
  • Five delay modes: Normal, Mod (Modulated), Dynamic, Reverse, Loop
  • Six delay effects
  • Digital Delay: Clean and clear digital delay
  • Galaxy Delay: Cuts off the pick attack on the notes, giving you an outer-space-like tone
  • Analogy Delay: Warm, smooth analog delay
  • Real Echo Delay: Simulates effects generated in the real environment
  • Tape Echo Delay: Simulates effects generated by an old tape delay machine
  • Tube Echo Delay: Tube-like sweet-sounding effect
  • Three effects can be added onto the delay effect
  • Mod: Adds chorus effect on the delay
  • Dynamic: Adds dynamic to the delay
  • Reverse: Simulates the sound of a reversed tape
  • Loop mode allows for the creation of layered performances w/ multiple loops
  • 20 seconds of recording time w/ no maximum overdub limits
  • Preset function stores one favorite delay and effects setting for instant recall
  • Tap tempo button synchronizes delay times by tapping the pedal twice for a desired delay speed
  • Twin switch design ensures easy tone switching during live performances
  • Stereo or mono operation
  • Dry/wet knob provides balance between unprocessed guitar and delay
  • Hi Cut and Low Cut: Controls the high and low frequencies of the delay
  • Ping-pong delay switch
  • 2-in/2-out connections
  • Trail-on/off switch for true bypass or buffered bypass