Cort MBM1SS Manson Series META Matthew Bellamy Signature

Cort MBM1SS Manson Series META Matthew Bellamy Signature

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Cort has teamed up with Matthew Bellamy, thefrontman and lead guitarist of Muse, and Manson Guitar Works to develop anall-new signature model that is built to Matthew's exact and demandingspecifications. The result is a superb rock guitar with a big full tone androck-solid feel without the boutique price. This exciting model features aspecially designed set of pickups from Manson and a discrete kill button tocreate unique sonic textures.


Manson Guitar Works

Manson Guitar Works is an internationallyrespected custom guitar builder in the U.K. that has been working with MatthewBellamy for over two decades. Founded by highly respected luthier Hugh Mansonand CEO Adrian Ashton, the company has built instruments for a wide range ofglobal superstars.

Manson Humbucker PickupSet

The MBM-1 is equipped with pickups developed byManson Guitar Works, especially for this guitar. The versatile setup includesfully voiced humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions reflecting the layoutof several of Bellamy‚¬€ž¢s stage and studio custom instruments.

1 Volume & 1 Tone 3Way Switch

The controls on the MBM-1 are simple whileversatile. There is single volume control, master tone, and a three-wayswitch. This controls the 2 humbucker pickup combination. It all works togetherwith the kill button and the overall instrument design to give you a highlycreative and great sounding instrument.

Kill Button

The MBM-1 features a discrete kill button allowingyou to creatively expand the wide range of sounds already available.

Cort Staggered LockingMachineheads

The deluxe locking machine heads offer precise andreliable tuning as well as easier and quicker string changes.

Soft V Neck Profile

The Manson neck profile and shape have consistentlyreceived praise around the globe in many five star reviews. To maintain thatcompetitive edge the new MBM-1 features the Manson soft V profile with a satinfinish to give an immediate played-in feel. It‚¬€ž¢s the reason we refer to it asMeta Series; what has gone before was of excellence, but our philosophy is totranscend to a better product whilst referencing everything that existedbefore.

Ergonomic Body Contour

The body styling on the MS Series guitars wasdesigned by Hugh Manson, with him considering each detail for theseinstruments. Both comfort and appearance were enhanced with an elegantlycontoured arm cut on the top. The back has a tummy cut as a key comfortevolution feature. This modification to the back has been carefully laid out onthe bodies of the MS guitars for maximum comfort without removing unnecessaryamounts of wood. The lines of the Manson designed body are graceful foraesthetic beauty as well as for ergonomic considerations.

Spoke Nut HotrodTrussrod

The spoke nut hotrod truss rod ensures smooth andprecise setting of the neck bow. Often overlooked by many guitarists, the neckbow (or relief) is very critical for the best possible playability. This newtruss rod adjustment feature allows the player to dial in the exact amount ofneck bow depending on the player‚¬€ž¢s technique and playing style. Whether you are alegato fusion player with a light touch or a Texas blues master who digs hardinto the strings in the lower register, this new truss rod will allow you todial in the exact amount of bow to suit your style.


  • BODY: Basswood
  • NECK: CanadianHard Maple
  • FRETBOARD: IndianLaurel. Radius: 12"-16"(Compound Radius)
  • FRETS: 22
  • SCALE: 25.5"(648Ã…½Ã…€œ)
  • TUNERS: CortStaggered Locking Machineheads
  • BRIDGE: FullyAdjustable Bridge & Tailpiece
  • PICKUPS: MansonHumbucker Pickup Set
  • ELECTRONICS: 1Volume & 1 Tone, 3 Way Switch w/ Kill Button
  • HARDWARE: Chrome
  • STRINGS: D'AddarioYB EXL 110