Breedlove Lu'au Concert Ukulele Olive Burst CE Myrtlewood-Myrtlewood

Breedlove Lu'au Concert Ukulele Olive Burst CE Myrtlewood-Myrtlewood

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For years, Kim Breedlove departed the Breedlove workshop on lateafternoons – just to go to his home garage workshop and craft ukuleles.Now retired, we are delighted to introduce Kim’s Breedlove Lu’au ConcertUkuleles. Each designed in Bend, Oregon, crafted in China from Oregonmyrtlewood, design based on Kim’s custom shape and bracing. This modelsfeatures a stunning olive burst gloss.

Solid Wood Tops

Along with its body shape, a ukulele’s top is the defining element ofits sound, driving, through its vibration, the key aspects of volume,tone, sustain and projection. Spruce will, due in part to its famousstiffness-to-weight ratio, ring loud and clear. A solid wood toptranslates those vibrations with more immediacy and purity of tone, andreacts more directly with the intent of a player. If you are at anintermediate level or above, you will appreciate the instantlyrecognizable benefits of a solid wood top.


Popularized by Breedlove, myrtlewood, from the windblown Oregoncoast, combines the best elements of rosewood, mahogany and maple—richbass, warm midrange and clear, bright trebles—for truly versatileguitars. Each sonically distinct instrument is individualized by thegnarled, wildly varied, but always arresting grain patterns.



Slightly larger than the original diminutive Hawaiian soprano, theConcert size is considered by many to be the perfect ukulele. It retainsthe delightful pingy sound of its smaller cousin, but its longer 15”scale allows for easier fretting, while its marginally wider bodyprovides more tone and volume while still tucking comfortably beneath astrummer’s elbow.

Breedlove Lu'au Series Concert Ukulele CE Ovangkol/Olive Burst - LUCU26CEMYMY Features:
  • Body Type:Concert Ukulele
  • Neck Wood:Mahogany (Nato)
  • Solid Wood Top:Solid Myrtlewood
  • Back and Sides:Myrtlewood
  • Top Finish:Olive burst gloss
  • Back & Side Finish:Aged Toner Gloss
  • Fretboard:Ovangkol
  • # Frets:17
  • Nut Width:1.42"
  • Tuners Hardware:Gold Open Gear
  • Lower Bout Width:8"
  • Waist Width:4.7"
  • Upper Bout Width:5.75"
  • Body Length:11.2"
  • Body Depth: 2.24" (neck), 2.68" (tail)
  • Pickup: UK-T1 
  • String Gauge:Aquila Super Nylgut
  • Bridge:Ovangkol
  • Binding:Tortoise
  • Inlay:Centered dots
  • Case:None
  • Scale Length:15"
  • Sound Hole:2.185"