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The Secret Path is a versatile reverb that'll be right at home on any guitarist's pedalboard. From classic spring and plate reverb tones through to ambient cathedral-like sounds there's plenty to enjoy in this pedal.

Since the 50s and 60s plate and spring reverbs have been a mainstay of studio recordings making them highly desirable sounds. The Secret Path reproduces these classic, highly versatile sounds to great effect. However, this pedal is not limited to just the familiar tones, when you're on "The Secret Path" setting you can produce massive ambient sounds that can span from angelic to haunting and provides a huge sense of space.

With four control knobs, a 3-way mode switch, as well as an additional "enhanced mode" the Secret Path puts the controls firmly in your hands when it comes to shaping the sound of your reverb. The Pre-Delay control affects the amount of time between your dry and effected sounds, Volume naturally controls the output level, and Tone controls how bright you want your reverb to be. The Size control adjusts the size of the space being emulated, so you can make it sound like you're in a small room or a large hall.

The three modes you can choose from have a substantial impact on the reverb's tone. The "SPR" mode replicates a spring reverb for that classic bouncy and vibrant tone. "PLT" is designed to emulate classic plate reverbs with a bright, smooth, and immediate sound. "The Secret Path" mode produces large spacious sounds, perfect for creating lush, ambient soundscapes. The enhanced mode adds further tonal control allowing you to adjust modulation or shimmer depending on which mode you're in.

The Secret Path features stereo outs to help add a further sense of space to the sound and also features expression pedal compatibility. By hooking up an expression pedal you can create amazing sounds by adjusting parameters in real time. In standard mode, you adjust the mix allowing you to create reverb swells or subtle adjustments for effect. In enhanced mode, you can use the expression pedal to bring in modulation or shimmer giving you so many options for creating new and interesting sounds.
About Black Country Customs Pedals

Black Country Customs is a range of pedals created by Laney Amplification. A big name in the amp world, Laney have been a British company since its founding in 1967. Laney are furthering this British tradition with their Black Country Customs pedals which are all handcrafted right here in the UK.

Each pedal is the result of hours of dedicated testing and listening and are constructed with high-quality components. Built to last, the Black Country Customs pedals are designed to provide you with high-quality sounds for a long time.

    Transparent fully buffered operation at all times.
    Super high output drive provides excellent interface between guitar and effects pedals/amp.
    Much reduced cable loss.
    Consistent guitar volume control operation at all settings.
    Signal phase integrity.
    Excellent consistent load for passive Volume pedals.
    Ultra-low noise circuitry.
    Tri-coloured LED showing mode of operation.
    Silent switching.
    Low battery consumption.
    Expression Pedal Control

Mode switch:

SPR (red) An authentic representation of a vintage long tray reverbboingy and alive!

PLT (blue) - A rich fastbuilding reverb, bright and smooth sounding. Great for bringing out the high end.

The Secret Path (purple) uses a large hall reverb and lets you get lost in immense soundscapes. Deep, luscious dark and ethereal

Enhanced Mode (pulsating LED) each pedal setting has an enhanced mode accesses by pressing and holding the switch until the LED blinks.

    When set to SPR the enhanced mode feature is Modulation
    When set to PLT the enhanced mode feature is Modulation
    When set to TSP mode the enhanced feature is shimmer.

Pre-Delay: Adjusts the amount of time between the original dry signal and the effected signal. When using long reverb times this control can be used to make the original dry sound stand out a little more.

Volume Control: Adjusts the overall output of the pedal.

Size Control: Adjusts the size of the space being emulated. Anticlockwise gives you the smallest selection fully clockwise gives you the biggest space available

Tone Control: Used to determine the tonal characteristic of the reverb signal. Fully clockwise is flat with no reduction in the frequency of the reverb signal, lower settings produce darker, warmer reverbs.

Expression Pedal Socket: The Secret Path features a socket to connect an external expression pedal. This allows you to control certain key parameters in REAL TIME.

Connect a suitable expression pedal to the EXP input and you have control over the following parameters depending on the setting of your pedal.
Standard Mode

    SPR, PLATE & TSP Expression pedal controls mix

E mode

    SPR & Plate Expression Pedal control Modulation mix
    TSP -Expression Pedal controls Shimmer mix

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