L.R. Baggs Stagepro Element Active System Undersaddle Pickup With Side-Mount Pre

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Unlike typical undersaddle acoustic guitar pickups that are dependenton string compression for their sound, the Element was engineered tomirror the soundboard's actual movement as you play.

At the heartof the pickup, a flexible film sensor only 2 thousandths of an inchthick picks up the guitar's most delicate nuances. Tracking the motionof the top rather than a direct string attack suppresses "quack" causedby compression and unlocks the Element's unrivaled dynamic range. Thepickup's minimalist construction lessens any influence on the acousticproperties and creates an intimate coupling between the pickup andguitar for the highest fidelity possible.

The Stagepro Element is a side-mounted preamp/EQ that offers batteryaccess and a full chromatic tuner that is hidden beneath the controlpanel to maintain a clean, classy look. The three band EQ with phaseinversion and Garrett Null notch filter controls deliver warm, pristinesound even under the most challenging conditions. The system includesthe Element pickup and pre-wired strapjack.


  • Includes Element pickup
  • Side mounted preamp/controls
  • Master volume
  • Bass, mid & treble control
  • Notch filter
  • Phase inversion
  • Onboard tuner with mute function
  • 9V Battery access drawer
  • Battery life indicator
  • Battery life: 100+ hrs