L.R. Baggs Session VTC Onboard Acoustic Guitar Pickup & Preamp

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Studio Tools for the Stage Inspired by the LR Baggs Handcrafted Video Sessions and our experience in some of Nashville's great studios, the Session electronics were designed to impart the rich sonic character that you'd expect from an experienced audio engineer using some of the world's finest studio gear. We've captured this studio magic and made it an integral part of your guitar for live performance with the Session VTC. ANALOG WARMTH

Breathe life into your signal with additional harmonics for a superior, natural warmth and richness of tone. The Session VTC's tape-like saturation is voiced specifically for the acoustic guitar and transports studio, analog warmth and inspiring playability to the stage.


Like having your very own sound engineer responding to the way you play, this circuitry continually suppresses problematic frequencies common in live performances, allowing the best qualities of your guitar to come through the mix. The built-in low, mid, and high frequency compressors are essentially touch-sensitive EQs that respond in real-time to your dynamics. The harder you strum, the more they compress and vice versa.

Unrivaled Dynamic Range THE PICKUP

The Session VTC pairs studio electronics with our patented Element pickup for a polished sound on stage.  Engineered to mirror the soundboard's actual movement as you play, a flexible sensor picks up the guitar's most delicate nuances for the highest fidelity possible. Because the pickup tracks the motion of the top rather than the direct string attack, it mitigates the quack common in other undersaddle pickups and unlocks the Element's unrivaled dynamic range.

  • Analog warmth enhances sonic character and harmonic content

  • Dynamic EQ smoothes out common problem frequencies

  • Tone control sweeps between a wide range of warmth, clarity, and everywhere in between

  • Phase inversion for best sound and feedback control

  • Master volume

  • Multi-segment battery check