L.R. Baggs Align Series Acoustic Pedal Suite - Chorus

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Created specifically for acoustic musicians, the Align Series integratesstudio processing tools, a high-fidelity preamplifier with foundationaltone-shaping EQ, proprietary effects, and the most pristine,all-discrete active DI we have ever engineered. This highly versatilepedal series expands your tonal palette with a vast range of controlthat's uniquely tailored to complement and enrich the voice of youracoustic instruments.
Proprietary Chorus Tailored Specifically for Acoustic Instruments

Inthe same way a choir enhances the foundation of a melody, the AlignChorus complements your acoustic guitar rather than placing the effectin the limelight. With the purity of LR Baggs' circuitry and theeffect in side chain, the Chorus adds fullness behind your guitarwithout any signal degradation. We designed the pedal with simple andintuitive controls that help you dial in a pleasing effect quickly andeasily. A unique Size control blends two chorus voicings that interactwith one another as you turn the knob. It's essentially like addingmore instruments as you increase the size. Additionally, a Tone controlshapes only the affected signal, enabling you to dial in the perfectbalance for your instrument.

  • Chorus control blends chorus signal with unaffected signal
  • Size blends between two chorus voicings
  • Tone sweeps a wide range of warmth, radiance, and everywhere in between
  • 9V battery, or 9V DC powering options
  • Engage footswitch for affected signal or true bypass
  • Volume level control
  • ¼" output