L.R. Baggs Align Series Acoustic Pedal Suite - Active DI

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Created specifically for acoustic musicians, the Align Series integratesstudio processing tools, a high-fidelity preamplifier with foundationaltone-shaping EQ, proprietary effects, and the most pristine,all-discrete active DI we have ever engineered. This highly versatilepedal series expands your tonal palette with a vast range of controlthat's uniquely tailored to complement and enrich the voice of youracoustic instruments.
All-Discrete Active DI with Pedalboard-friendly Functionality:

Buildingupon decades of experience creating studio-quality gear for the stage,the Align Active DI is the embodiment of LR Baggs engineering at itshighest level and uses the most pristine circuitry we have developed in aDI. Our all-discrete design preserves the authenticity of your soundwhile providing high headroom for a wide range of signals. Equally athome on a pedalboard or standalone, we are excited to offer a DI withsuch a high degree of fidelity and functionality.

  • XLR and ¼" outputs
  • Pad boosts or cuts XLR out to meet the needs of the PA
  • Ground lift switch effectively eliminates ground-loop noise
  • Thru/Out switch for added output versatility
  • Phase inversion for best sound and feedback control
  • Mute footswitch for accessible control of your signal when switching instruments or in between sets
  • 9V battery, 9V DC, or 48V phantom powering options